Another week, another road trip: Florida to Texas

FloraBamaBeach Florida Pensacola

Of course I picked the day storms were all over the southeast to make the drive to Texas. I left around 6:30 AM and didn’t get into to Fort Worth until 8:30 PM. It was an incredibly long day.

The last 200 miles of any long road trip is always the worst. You’re tired, probably hungry and you want to stop for a break, but you’re not really all that far away. Now add in rain, and absolutely nothing for miles and that was about 50% of my drive.

My favorite part of a road trip is the unplanned, spontaneous trips to sight see or to for a certain type of food.

New Orleans Park.jpg

New Orleans park 2.jpg

I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, I love the culture and the food and the liveliness of the city, not to mention the beautiful architecture and cute french markets. As I crossed into Louisiana, I checked my map and saw it’d wouldn’t be too much of a detour to cross into New Orleans for a quick pit stop at Cafe Du Monde.

New Orleans Flags.jpg

The beignets and coffee was absolutely incredible. Now, I’m normally not a coffee drinker (say what?! I know, I know. I’m the literal only person like this) but this stuff was wonderful; it was simple and refreshing.


Cafe Du Monde is one of those places that you can’t pass up. They’ve been around since 1862 and they only close for Christmas Day and hurricane. Their menu is simple: beignets, coffee and orange juice. Not that you’d get anything other than beignets for breakfast here.

After beignets, I decided to walk around a bit. Despite the long ride back from New Orleans, I had to do some walking around the area. The French Quarter is one of the cutest downtowns I’ve been to. I was worth the nearly four hour delay in getting to Texas.

New Olreans Tree.jpg

New Orleans Side Street 2

I could get lost all day just wandering these streets. I’m also 100% convinced that I need an apartment overlooking downtown with a cute balcony and an obnoxious amount of plants. I often comment that I don’t get along with the heat (like anything over 100 degrees and I’m not leaving the A/C or pool for too long) but, I definitely couldn’t live without long summers and short winters.

Daiquiris to go.jpg

New Orleans Side Street.jpg

Seriously, I need one of these balconies. How cute is the iron work and all the plants along each balcony?

New Orleans Street Art.jpg

New Orleans Street 2.jpg

Bourbon Street Sign

Of course I couldn’t leave without a stroll down Bourbon Street. I only wish I could have seen and experienced it at night. New Orleans, I’ll be back!

  • I absolutely love N.O.! We were there a couple of weeks ago in search of delicious food and great beer, this city never disappoints.

    • I love walking around there too! Very cute. I meant to only stay long enough for coffee, beignets and souvenirs but ended up staying for almost 3 hours to walk around and sight see