Sale alert: Kate Spade Surprise Sale

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Y’all know I love a good sale. Especially being on a budget, frugal fashion finds are so key right now! Kate Spade’s Surprise Sales are my favorites. Particularly when they come around near a holiday or birthday. This sale is literally perfect for gifts. Everything I’ve gotten has always been high quality and absolutely lovely. Just like I’d buy in the store. My only complaint? Too many good deals. I’m sometimes overwhelmed with all of the great options these sales have!

This post is for my office girls. I’ve rounded up six of the best purses from this sale for you to wear to work. Perfect timing for this sale as I have exactly one tote bag and a teeny-tiny cross body with me. If you’re anything like me you’ll wear out a purse, and then keep wearing it because $200+ at one time for a purse is an investment and you’re usually not ready to commit to that yet. Another reason I love this sale, almost everything is $100 and under.

fashion on a budget steal deal sale frugal fashion1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

My absolute favorite is a tie between 4 and 6. I love the design of 6 and the off-white cream color that is perfect for fall and winter, but you can still wear it in the spring and summer. Not sure which one I’m going to get, at least I have another day to decide.

One drawback to these sales by Kate Spade is that they go fast. They never last more than 72 hours, so you can’t do like I usually do and add an item to your cart, think about it for a month and then maybe buy it. Smart marketing tactic Kate Spade, very smart.

If you don’t have a standard tote bag, I would start with bag 3. It’s neutral, it’ll go with everything in your wardrobe, and it’s a timeless style. It’s also perfect for wearing to work, whether you work in fashion, a corporate environment, or small office.

If you’re looking for something fun, but still professional – go with bag 2. The pink is bright and eye-catching while the clean, sleek style is still very professional. If I wasn’t in the market for a neutral, wear to work tote, this bag would already be on its way to me.

You can shop the rest of the sale here. What’re your favorite brands for crazy awesome sales?

This post isn’t sponsored in anyway, I really love Kate Spade and this is an awesome sale!