Sale Alert: Bloomingdales Friends and Family

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I know I just posted about the Kate Spade sale, but this sale is another one of my favorites. A lot of people see Bloomingdales and go, eh too expensive. That’s why I’m writing this post. They have a lot of the brands and products you’d be elsewhere, but now they’re on sale. The products I’ve included are ones that almost never are on Rue La La or Gilt and hardly go on sale.

Being fashionable on a budget is all about smart shopping. Know which products go on sale, when and where they go on sale and which don’t. UGG boots are a great example. Almost never on sale. Your best bet is the rare Rue La La sale or an end of the season sale at a department store. They’re always excluded from Friends and Family sales and never discounted until after winter. On the other hand, J. Crew ALWAYS has sales. I’ll never buy full price from them.

How do I know when and where to shop and what to buy when? Email subscriptions are the best way to stay in the know. Even if you don’t click through to whatever offer they’re promoting, you get an idea of how often a brand has sales. Same with checking Rue La La and Gilt frequently. I know which brands they frequently have, what they typically go for and which brands are incredibly rare.

Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale is one of those that is fairly rare, includes infrequently discounted brands but is a bit overwhelming to shop. Click the read more button to shop my picks from the sale. Everything is under $100 (except for the boots).

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I love literally all of these. If your budget only allows for one, the Sorel boots should be your pick (unless you live where you don’t get a real winter). If you have to pick between UGGs and Sorels, go for the Sorels. These boots are a little pricey but so so so worth the investment. I bought a pair last year for a ski trip and I am in love with them.

Usually I won’t spend more than $50 on a shirt, but I have been obsessed with Rail’s plaid shirts for at least a couple of years and finally found one under $100. This red plaid shirt was originally $150, now marked down to $84. Still a bit of an investment, but a good one. Every fall/winter wardrobe needs a nice plaid shirt.

I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to my fall wardrobe, so I really appreciate sales like these. How do y’all go about building your fall wardrobe?

  • Stephanay Jnote

    I haven’t been to Bloomingdales in years but I do love a great sale. Maybe this might be a good opportunity for it!

    • It’s not usually in my budget but they have a lot of brands that I normally wear like Sorel and Kate Spade so I keep an eye out for sales.



  • Jessa

    Ahhh! I loved Bloomingdales when I lived in California. They need to open one in Arizona!


      Same! Love that store. And their sales 😉

  • Melissa Chee

    YAY for friends & family sales


      🙂 My fave!

  • My GF will loose it when she hears about this. Bloomingdales is her favorite store.


      Hahaha! I’m glad I could help 😉

  • Kathy

    I haven’t shopped here in a while. I love Bloomingdales though. I need to go check out these sales!


      I sign up for all the major brands’ email lists so I know when they usually have good sales and which sales are actually worth shopping. This one definitely is.

  • Lynn Dee

    I love everything that you picked! They are all pretty! Like really! Now I have this urge of shopping at Bloomingdales. 🙂


      Thanks girly! This sale is fantastic for stocking your fall wardrobe!

  • I don’t have a Bloomingdales within my vicinity, but I do love shop at their online store from time to time. I love the plaid shirt you featured! – HilLesha


      I love their sales! Normally out of my price range but I love Sorels and good plaid shirts 🙂