Empire State of Broke: The Job Hunt & Making Friends

NYC career change move adventure For those of you just now tuning in/missed last week’s post/etc: I packed up all my things, picked out what I could fit in two suitcases and a tote bag, hopped on a plane to NYC and didn’t plan out much more than that. I’m writing about my experience in weekly series titled, Empire State of Broke updated each Monday. The goal of this series is to be is as transparent as possible. A lot of bloggers skim over, or entirely skip, anything unpleasant in their posts. I promise not to do that in this series. You can expect real, raw, unfiltered content – minus a copy edits for y’know SEO and readability purposes.

Following your dreams is scary. Always. No matter what. So do it anyways, it sure beats the heck out of staying safe in the harbor.

A lot of the feedback I got from last week’s post was really positive, so I want to take a minute and thank each and every one of y’all for the kind words, for coming back to read more, or joining me for the first time today. It means a lot that y’all are interested in my journey (be sure to sign up for my email list so you don’t miss a post!)

NYC career change move adventure

Week one was a little boring. Which is fine. I spent the weekend not doing too much, but in reality I’m not too sure how to go about this whole making friends thing. I’m thinking of joining a run club since that’s less intimidating to show up to by myself. That’s the hardest part about moving to a new place, finding a friend group. In Dallas, I had my work friends and friend from high school or college who had migrated that way so I was fine.

I’m challenging myself to get the courage to go to one group meet-up. I am slightly an introvert (though my close friends will tell you otherwise, I don’t know why) so this is a big challenge for me.

When I embarked on this journey (could I be any more cheesy?) I asked myself a lot of questions, a lot of self doubting questions. What if I can’t find a job? What if I run out of money? How long should I look for a job before giving up an headed home? What if I hate the job I get? What if I end up having no where to go? Where will I permanently live? What about affording a nice apartment in a decent area? And the list goes on. Maybe I doubt myself because this is completely out of the norm where I come from. I grew up in a real tiny town in Texas with a smaller population than most blocks in Manhattan.

NYC career change move adventure

The job hunt is challenging, exhausting and down right discouraging at times. Every company you apply to is going to have different recruiting processes and hiring timelines. It can be so frustrating to spend a lot of time on several custom cover letters only to receive silence or rejection. Then sometimes you check your email and do a happy dance because one of the companies you were most excited about is requesting an interview or maybe that interview goes well.

Changing careers and job hunting are two very challenging things. I’m not talking about the passive job hunt where you take occasional days off the to go the “dentist”, but the job hunt where each interview matters a little more because you have bills to pay and no income coming in. I’d love to be positive and say, take that leap, just do it. Don’t. Think first, then leap if you’re quitting your job to change careers. Know what you’re getting yourself into and find an industry you love.

To anyone thinking about doing something similar or who is going through a long job search, continue with your normal life as much as you can. Make plans with friends, go to events, get out of the house as much as possible and indulge in things you love. For me? I really enjoy a mid-day run and writing whenever I feel like it.

Stay tuned for next week y’all! I’ll be discussing money and budgeting. As always, if there’s something you’re interested in or curious about let me know! No question is too personal or too invasive. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

  • Job hunting is so stressful! Glad you’ve got such a positive attitude about it all. I’ve been there and it’s definitely nerve wrecking!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      I definitely don’t want to sugarcoat it, job hunting is hard, stressful and can be so discouraging. But I think a long job search is better than settling for a career path you just aren’t into!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks! It is so so so stressful but it’s for the best 🙂

  • amy loochtan

    So stressful, but you just have to hang in there!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks Amy! 🙂

  • It is so incredibly hard making new friends. As a mom, it is like you are on your own island and then go to the park and hit on other moms there in hopes of finding something that is a good match for you. Hang in there, you will definitely find your tribe!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      I totally feel the same way trying to make friends.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I think it amazing you are following your dreams. I have always wanted to move to NYC and start over. Maybe once the kids are done College in a few years.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks! It was scary but I know if I don’t do it now, I probably would never do it.

  • You are super brave. I took a leap of faith when I was laid off a few years ago. I started writing full time. Now that my youngest is in Kindergarten it is time for mama to go back to work. I will continue to work on my blog on the side. I am looking for jobs that are similar to blogging so that I get paid for doing things that I love now.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks! There’s a lot you can do having experience blogging! Affiliate marketing, PR and Copywriting are jobs that immediately come to mind. Also social media/community management. Best of luck to you and thanks for reading! 🙂

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    That is so awesome – good for you for moving to NYC. If it’s what you want in your heart, the rest will fall into place. You’ve got this!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words! 🙂

  • Good luck. I hope you found a decent apartment. When I was 21 I got in my car and drove to Nashville from California and lived out of my car until I found a place and a job. I am 35 now and I don’t know how I had the guts to do that, but I don’t regret it.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      It’s tough! I don’t see myself regretting it at all, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time 🙂

  • Gabriel Bregg

    Pulling up stakes like that takes some serious guts – even if it ends up not being happily ever after, you’ve done something most of the population doesn’t have the guts to do. Looking forward to seeing your story unfold.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks girl! It’s tough, but I have no choice but to make it somehow! 🙂 I don’t have the bar for success set so high that I’m setting myself up for failure though. A lot of people do that and get disappointed. I’m simply looking to change careers! Thanks for reading!

  • Stephanie Pass

    It’s great that you’re following your dream! Good luck in job hunting. I know how stressful it can be.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Thanks! It’s tough, but I’m hanging in there! Definitely discouraging at times, but then I remember that I really like what I’m doing and my previous job was not at all the career for me.

  • Great post! I moved in March to be closer to my daughter. Sold my house and moved about 40 minutes away from where we lived. I still work at my job and now drive 50 minutes each way. I’ll be looking for a job closer to home if my freelance business doesn’t start to take off. Like you, I am an introverted extrovert. (Yes, that is a thing… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol!) But, I haven’t even tried going out. I’ll go out on First Friday in my small town and I’ll talk to people, but, haven’t made any connections yet. Unlike you though, I’m less than 1 1/2 hour drive from any given friend or family member. Good luck! I hope you’re able to find a good run group to join!