Budget: 6 Effortless Ways to Save

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I’m a cheapskate. Generally. I shop everywhere from Target to Nordstrom to Duane Reade (CVS/Walgreens for y’all not on the east coast) to Sephora. All of my home goods come from Target or IKEA or a sample sale website. I’ve become efficient at scouring the internet for sales. I hate paying extra when I don’t have to!

It’s only October but the holidays are steadily creeping up on us as I was reminded by the Christmas music I heard early. Here’s a few ways to save a little and make the holidays hurt less!

1. Cut the end off of make up tubes. This sounds incredibly silly but after squeezing every last drop out of my foundation and having none left and still not having enough I have it a try. The amount of foundation I was able to scrape out lasted almost two months! I do this for all of my make up and keep the tubes in a baggy so it doesn’t dry out. This 5 second trick saves me about $100 a year!

2. Groupon and sample sales. I’ve written about my favorites sample sales and how to shop them (here). Before heading out I always check Groupon. Frequently I suggest places based on the deals on there. Groupon has more than restaurants and events, their home goods section is worth checking out too. I purchased my mattress from Groupon for $225 and its rather fantastic. The best mattress I’ve slept on? No. But an excellent deal and plenty comfortable!

3. Makeup and skincare dupes. There’s a vlogger I love who looks at the ingredients in cult favorite products and compares them to drug store products (check out her channel here! She has super honest reviews of beauty products). Frequently she finds that they’re incredibly similar if not basically the same. There’s some make up you can splurge on if need be but why not try to make that list as short as possible? For me, foundation is something I’ll always splurge on because my natural complexion needs a lot of help. I’ll be doing a post soon with my favorite make up dupes, and bargain buys.

4. Speaking of makeup dupes: designer handbag dupes can be fantastic. I dedicated a whole post to some of my favorites here and I’ll be adding to that list as the season continues.

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5. Be mindful of what you need and conscientious of upcoming sales. Last year I realized I didn’t have a winter coat. So in October when RueLaLa (click here for my referral link to get $10 off your first purchase!) had a major coat sale I jumped on it. I scored an olive colored, puffy but still cute Betsey Johnson one for $80 total, including shipping. Had I waited until I needed the coat I would have spent 3x times that for something of similar quality. Right now they’re doing a sale on Hunter boots, Moncler jackets and scarves from various brands!

6. Bring lunch. On average I spent $8-$10 on lunch a day. That’s $2500 a year on lunch. When I absolutely need to get out, I head to Dunkin or Starbucks for a coffee. I don’t meal prep. Nobody has time for that. Instead I bring leftovers or lean cuisine or one of those premade salads. If you’re up for a little more creativity than me, Buzzfeed has this awesome list of lunch ideas (more here, here and here).

What’re your favorite ways to save that don’t involving sacrificing (too much)? I’d love to hear them and add to this list!

  • rika agustini

    I spent too much money on food.. I wish i know how to reduce my spending 🙂 I love spending money on high quality items, not trends.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      Me too! Food is a weakness of mine! I started with finding dupes of stuff. So instead of an expensive makeup remover, I’ll use micellar water or coconut oil. Or for eyeliner, I found a fantastic liquid one at target that I’m in love with and it was half the price of what I used to use.

  • cutting the ends off makeup is brilliant! I am totally going to start doing that. And, I bring my lunch to work every day and its amazing how much money it saves! Great tips!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      I was shocked when I cut off the end of my foundation. There was SO MUCH left and since I pay about $45 a tube for it, another month or two of product is a fantastic savings! But be sure to keep the end closed while not using it or it will dry out!

  • Aliza Hale Biorn

    I’ve used Groupon a few different times and have been impressed with the savings available.

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      I looove Groupon! The mattress I bought from them was actually fantastic and only $189!

  • Christina Ropp

    I’ve started making a habit of bringing my lunch to work everyday and it has saved me so much money! Now if I could only break that Starbucks addiction and bring my own coffee as well, I’d be good!

    • sara.hernandez013@gmail.com

      For me going out for lunch is a hard habit to break! I don’t really drink coffee, so cutting out Starbucks is only hard during PSL season.

  • Dia

    I really like parts of this list. I’m lazy when it comes to makeup so my makeup budget consists of chapstick and bobby pins lol. I have coworkers who go out to eat every day (And we aren’t talking dollar menu) we’re talking straight up sit down $10 or a meal. I’m like that’s so wasteful. I try to limit it to once a week just to still bond with my coworkers.

  • Devina

    Fantastic tips!!! I love finding deals!!

  • NaominDoll

    Thank you for this. I also like to shop at Aliexpress. I can get things that I really like for very cheap. Especially because of my country’s exchange rate.


  • Lori G. Hill-Smith

    I sooo need to be better at saving! Thank you for the great tips!

  • Aileen (Aileen Cooks)

    Thanks for the tip on the drugstore makeup. I need to look into that!