Fashion on a Budget: Fall Basics

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Cooler temps are finally here and with that a flurry of scarves, pumpkins, fallen golden leaves and PSLs all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Scarves are one of my favorite parts of fall and this fall the blanket scarves are back, along with suede and tie up blouses.

As much as I love new trends, I hate paying an arm and a leg for a new trend not knowing if it’ll be back next season. New trends rarely go on sale in time to really get to wear them for the season. This is why I love SheIn. Trendy and classic pieces, but at reasonable prices.

Until the past few years, I don’t think I even owned a sweater but now I am obsessed. Long, short, mid-length, slouchy, fitted and in every color; that’s my sweater preference. Throw in some fair isle too. There is nothing cozier than throwing on a favorite sweater.

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I am in love with this little suede skirt! Pair it with a lace-up top like this one or a body suit, and add a choker and boots. I love that suede mini skirts are in style this season! Suede is one of my favorite fabrics, I think I own about 15 pairs of suede shoes. I love the look and feel of it, it’s absolutely essential for fall.

Another essential for fall, blanket scarves. Not only are they incredibly fashionable, they dress up any plain tunic and are incredibly warm! This one in particular is amazing. It goes with just about every fall color from yellow to red to green and all neutrals. Especially if you’re on a budget, pieces like this are so key! When you have a limited budget, make sure each piece you buy is super versatile.

What’re your favorite fall trends this year?

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fall fashion style NYC frugal budget ootd

  • Alli Smith

    I love the scarf! And that red sweater is pretty too. I love everything you’ve showcased for fall and I especially like long sweaters once it gets chilly.

  • Jacqui Stewart

    I love the red dress. Would look great with a pair of red boots and a scarf :).

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These are all awesome budget fall basics. I love mixing and matching outfits. This suede skirt is indeed so cute and would go with a lot of different shirts I have for sure. I will have to check some of these items out for sure. Thanks for sharing these awesome basic fall items.

  • Pam W

    Blanket scarves are my favorite fall accessory! I have several and they are so soft and comfy. They are great for layering.

  • Bethany Frazier RD

    I love Shein. One of my favorite things is how other people post pictures so you can see what they really look like. I have bought several things just based off others recommendations.

  • kathleen kennedy leon

    I love this time of year-boots and sweaters-so comfy and beautiful as well. my type of weather and fashion

  • These pieces are so cute! I don’t have any winter dresses so I need to buy some and maybe a blanket scarf too.

  • I love all of those pieces and would definitely wear them now! Perfect cozy and comfy clothing weather.

  • I really like these fashions. I think accessories add a lot to an outfit and scarves are perfect for this time of the year. My husband actually likes to see me in different outfits, so I think I may surprise him with a couple of these 🙂

  • I am loving these fashion tips, I am so horrible at fashion as I keep saying. These fall Fashion tips are awesome!

  • I love your fall basics especially the scarfs It’s definitely classic and a must have

  • WhispersInspire

    Cute outfits! I love fall and one reason I love about it is the fall fashion! So many cute clothes to wear!

  • Cute! I love the scarf and that red dress! I love changing my wardrobe over to fall every year!

  • I love that sweater and scarf! They would look cute together!! Great post!!

  • snappedbygracie

    I love this post and the brand Sheln ! I actually have the necklace and the skirt. Sheln is one of my go to favorites !

  • Chrissy Hme

    I have to check out SheIn. Everything is so pretty and I need some new stuff.

  • Karlyn Flores

    I love the sweater and scarf, It looks cute I want to have these

  • Amanda Love

    I’ve never tried shopping at SheIn! I think these are amazing and they’re definitely perfect for the season. That red dress is lovely!

  • I haven’t shopped at SheIn, but it looks like they have great options for fall.

    xo, Elizabeth |

  • Harmony at Momma To Go

    I love that skirt also not something I would have thought of on my own honestly!

  • That skirt is so cute and perfect for fall! I really need to invest in more cold-weather skirts

  • Sabrina Tanner

    I love that skirt! I wish it would get cold enough in Florida so I could actually wear some nice warm fall clothes!

  • AmphoriaBello

    I have all of these except #6 and love them! (I only don’t have #6 because I remember that exact skirt being popular in highschool — yes, I was born in the 80s! — and I just can’t bring myself to like the trend again haha!)

    • Ha! I love that skirt for the same reason you don’t like it! (But then I was in to black on black on black in the ’80s, but that’s another story…)

  • That scarf is so cute!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  • Jazzmine Woodard

    2, 5, and 6 are my favorite pieces. The sleeves on that dress–ugh!

  • I love that grey sweater!!