Fall Neutrals + Central Park in the Fall

Fun neutrals to transition your style from fall to winter.

Christmastime is finally here, but it’s still fall outside. A little over a week ago, I finally got to Central Park to do a bit of leaf peeping. Due to a bit of unseasonably warm weather and lack of rain, the leaves up north didn’t reach peak until much later in the season. 

If you haven’t gone leaf peeping ever, pin this post right now for next year. I love the changing leaves and, really, everything about this weather. It was beautiful out there, y’all!

One thing that’s hard about fall is the colors, especially transitioning from fall to winter. If you live in a warmer climate this is especially true since you get about one month of fall at best. Fall neutrals are a safe bet, but honestly, they can be a bit boring! Here’s how I make it a little more exciting!

A neutral sparkle sweater and lace shirts are absolute essentials for keeping your neutral wardrobe a bit more exciting. As an added bonus anything with a bit of sparkle will transition nicely into the winter and holiday season. I also try to add a bit of gold or silver anywhere I can in my wardrobe.

I’ve always wanted one of those sequined skirts or dresses, but I’m not sure I’d wear it enough to justify purchasing it. Which is why I love sweaters or shirts with a bit of this sparkle. Same idea, easier to wear anywhere.

These are some of my favorite fall neutrals out right now!



Fun neutrals to transition your style from fall to winter.

  • Neutrals are a staple in my closet – especially in the winter. I love tan and black together!!!

  • Sarah Jean

    Love the fall colors in Central Park! I have a sparkly skirt I bought a few years ago and I have worn here or there. To me it’s just fun knowing it’s in my closet. 🙂

  • So pretty! Would have loved to go to Central Park this fall!

  • Trenara

    I love all of these pieces, I really love those thigh high socks, super cute and cozy

  • Love it! Those socks look super cozy.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  • Central Park looks amazing right now! Your outfit is so cute too

    Emmy Coletti

  • So cute! Wishing it would cool down so I can wear cute outfits like this without sweating!

  • Oh my gosh Central Park is SO pretty… I’d love to go there sometime. And you look adorable! Love that outfit.

  • Erin

    I love neutrals! Fall is the best so you can rock them all the time! Those socks are a must-have…

  • Serena Reidy

    Central Park looks so amazing in Autumn! Love your outfit!

  • Central Park is one of my VERY favorite places in NYC! 🙂 Love visiting there when I’m in town. I’ve become a little obsessed with neutrals over the last few months. Gorgeous colors on you!

  • Diana Bohorquez

    Central Park is beautiful this time of year, although super cold! lol

    You look gorgeous!